Why you should book for Summer Cruise now!

While many think the benefits are greater if they wait for the “Last Minute Deals” there are actually many benefits to booking early.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should book your vacation early.

1.                  Wave Season
When working with a budget you don't want to run the risk of losing out on the magnitude of savings that are offered during Wave Season.  During Wave Season all cruise lines offer their best promotions of the year.  Royal Caribbean is offering 30-60% off every sailing along with Ship Board Credit; Celebrity's Sail Beyond Event & Oceania Cruises OLife Promotion allows you to choose your amenity from Beverage Packages, Pre Paid Gratuities, Shore Excursions, or Ship Board Credits.  These promotions are based on your stateroom category and can be doubled which increases for your complimentary free perks.

2.                  Itinerary Sells Out
Desirable itineraries and departure dates begin to sell out, which is why it is recommended to not hesitate when one peaks your interest. Seasonal limitations, like Alaska, sell out faster than the year round availability of the Caribbean. 

3.                  Best Choice of Staterooms
When traveling in a group or as a family with smaller children your cabin selection is limited to begin with not to mention the closer to your departure the limits increase exponentially especially during Summer cruises.  Ships are designed mainly with double occupancy staterooms so there are only a handful of Triple and Quad occupancy staterooms, cruise lines restrict how far minor child can be from their parents/guardians so these staterooms are desirable to families and are reserved quickly.  Interior and Oceanview staterooms book up quickly also due to their budget friendly nature. 

Another reason to reserve your staterooms early is location.  Whether you are wanting port/starboard side, aft/forward/midship, or simply centrally located near an elevator or your favorite spot on the ship, the most desirable staterooms book early.  Needless to say, the option to be choosy with your stateroom category or location becomes less of a possibility the closer you book to your departure date. 

4.                  Best Airfare Deals
Driving to your departure port of call is not always an option or even feasible.  Generally, airlines only raise prices, so not only would you be locking in the best available pricing for your cruise you would be able to take advantage of booking your airfare early.  Last minute flights are never a bargain; why not save on both your cruise and airfare which would leave you more in your budget to make your cruise experience even better. 

5.                  Anticipation
The earlier you book your cruise, the more time you have to experience the excitement of anticipating your upcoming cruise.  It will make your everyday life tasks that much more manageable when you have something to look forward to. 

Also, booking early gives you plenty of time to look over all the additions you can add to your cruise experience like, Shore Excursions, massage appointments, beverage packages and specialty dining reservations.  It takes the feeling of missing out; out of the equation. 

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